Deep Dive into Warzone: Challenges and Strategies for Beginners

Reflecting on user posts and comments about starting out in Warzone, we delve into gamer tips and common concerns.

All roads back to Call of Duty seem to head towards Warzone as the adrenaline-pumping frontier for gamers. By turning to the popular video game subreddit, we explore a query by ‘throwawaitnine’ who after a 10 to 15-year hiatus from CoD wonders about his chances navigating the battlegrounds as a newbie.


  • ‘throwawaitnine’ shares his daunting experience starting out, lacking the wins, and struggling with load outs.
  • The community is quick with advice, highlighting skill-based matchmaking and recommending a beginner’s stint in Multiplayer mode or Plunder before Warzone.
  • A few players share personal anecdotes, assuring that with persistence, success comes – eventually.

Insight into Skill-Based Matchmaking

In his comment, ‘ispooler’ points out that the basis for matchmaking on Warzone ranks players according to their skill level. He cheerfully indicates his less-skilled friend enjoys more wins than him, suggesting that the matchmaking algorithm favors equitable play.

Revisiting Multiplayer Mode or Plunder

‘endianess’ reminds fledglings to get their guns and movement skills firing in Multiplayer mode before diving into Warzone’s waters. The charm of Multiplayer is the frequency of encounters, a solid platform to reacquaint oneself with shooting. His sage advice is to supplement gameplay with streaming lessons to gain understanding on Warzone-specific decisions like preferred landing spots and rotations.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

‘withoccassionalmusic’ testifies that, as a complete newcomer to CoD, one of his friends is doing pretty well in the game, pointing to the potential for success if one sticks it out. ‘kumaPT’ chimes in, nudging beginners towards Plunder for a less hard-hitting introduction compared to Resurgence.

Cap it all, beginning the journey in Warzone may seem like charging headlong into a minefield. However, with a bit of patience, the right approach, and a whole lot of virtual bullets, greenhorns can find their footing and take the game by storm.