Decoding the Call of Duty Tier List Debate from the Players’ Perspective

Gamers debate the ins & outs of the Call of Duty series in an epic subreddit tier list discussion.

Recently, a heated discourse took hold of the web over a unique “Call of Duty” related topic – a tier list. A user ‘scXIII’ broke the ice by sharing their personal Tier List of the iconic game series, opening a borderline battlefield where fellow gamers weighed in with their diverse and passionate opinions.


  • Overall, the sentiment was varied as players questioned the original author’s classification of different CoD games.
  • Diverse viewpoints emerged on specific games such ‘MWIII’ and ‘Ghosts’.
  • There was a consensus that ‘Cold War’ deserved to be tested.
  • The discussion ignited a desire in players to create their personal tier lists.

The MWIII Vs Ghosts Conundrum

First on the debate stage came ‘MWIII’ and ‘Ghosts’. A comment from a user named DinoRedRex99 regarded ranking MWIII over Ghosts as a “declaration of war.” This snappy sentiment was echoed by ‘milo301109’ who was astounded that MW3 was placed above MW2, especially in terms of multiplayer experience.

‘Cold War’: The Hidden Gem?

As the discussion morphed, a new discourse emerged about ‘Cold War’ with a user named Poundweed advocating for the game, describing it good and a player favorite especially for zombies mode. The suggestion was championed by ‘Informal_Turnover_50’ who stated that it was their preferred choice for a campaign.

The Need to Create Personal Tier Lists

In the midst of the dialogue, there was a rising desire to create individual tier lists as shared by AFCADaan9. This sentiment showed that gamers felt empowered to voice their opinions and wanted to contribute meaningfully to the conversation.

With all these diverse ideas, it reinforced the notion that when it comes to the ‘Call of Duty’ series, beauty truly lies in the eye of the controller holder. This vibrant discussion served as a testament to the distinct pleasures that each version of the series delivers to various gamers, setting the stage for more discourse in the foreseeable future.