Decoding the Archon Status Pattern in Genshin Impact: A Deep-Dive Analysis

Genshin Impact fans theorize about an intriguing pattern in the statuses of archons, exploring possible future developments.

The discussion centres around the status patterns of Archons — god-like figures — in the popular multiplayer game, Genshin Impact. Reddit user Entire_Solution_7826 ignites the speculation with an astute observation – they assert the idea that Furina, a character in the game, might not be the only Archon who loses divinity at the end of their storyline, giving rise to an in-depth examination of this proposed pattern


  • Concept of divine disguise: Venti and Zhongli, remaining original seven, stealthily ‘mask’ their identities.
  • New identity: Successors Raiden Shogun and Nahida emerge as archon representatives without wearing visions (symbols of their power).
  • Furina Divinity Dilemma: Furina, a human embodiment, carries no divine power but holds a vision gifted by a Sovereign.

The Pattern Examination

Theorizing about a Pyro Sovereign possessing a human form, Entire_Solution_7826 triggers an extensive discussion on the intricacies of archon behavior, identity and power. Redditor Odone sings a fun tune of scepticism, highlighting that patterns are a miHoYo trademark. However, Efficient_Lake3451 doubts any other Sovereign becoming playable in human form, reinforcing his argument with Enkanomiya prophecy as a unique case of the Hydro sovereign.

Fates and Theories

CTMacUser, introduces an element of mystery, revealing crucial characters’ unknown twisted fates during the Cataclysm. Kitchen-Mastodon-707, on the other hand, takes us on an allegorical interpretation journey, suggesting a play of power dynamics within the archon system. They envision a potential change in leadership, having Capitano replace Murata as the new “Pyro Archon” within the context of Murata’s sacrifices for war cessation.

Divine Distribution and Power Play

Joining this fan-based symposium is Murphy_LawXIV, who observes a pattern around Archons splitting their power among different identities. They suggest a scheme where the Pyro Archon may have imparted her power to people, connecting this to their strong bodies and capability for warfare in Natlan. Queenyuyu, however, counters with an intriguing theory based on visual symbolism and the potential repercussions of the Pyro Archon’s demise, including a potential link to Fatui meddling and a surprise twist

Whether the theories hold water or are just fanciful fans’ thoughts, they undeniably exemplify the depth Genshin Impact has in terms of storytelling and world-building, offering ceaseless speculation. The charm of Genshin Impact lies not only in its enthralling game play but also in the rich lore and narrative, inciting intriguing discussions among its player community. With miHoYo’s trademark unpredictability, fans can only wait, watch and wonder what twists and turns await in the world of Teyvat.