Decoding ‘Fortnite’ Fans’ Choices: Wacky Wishlist for Smash Bros Characters

Know the enthusiasm of Fortnite fans for potential Smash Bros crossover characters with a sprinkle of hilarity.

The excitement about ‘Fortnite’ mixed with the allure of beloved Smash Bros characters has led to quite an entertaining discussion, sparking vitality within the ‘Fortnite’ fandom. Some gamers, not unlike digital matchmakers, are pairing up their favorite Smash Bros characters with ‘Fortnite’, speculating on how they might be integrated into the game.


  • The speculation stems from Nintendo’s desire for their cosmetics to be exclusive to Switch players, which some interpret as a subtle hint of a crossover.
  • Users highlighted existing characters like Pac-Man and the desire for more such characters to inhabit ‘Fortnite’.
  • A sense of comic relief was sensed in the comments with users humorously overstating their desire for a collaboration, with some even willing to trade personal properties.
  • The conversation particularly revolved around characters from popular video game franchises like Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, and Square Enix.

Fanboy Fantasies

One interesting comment by ‘3r1ck-612’ enlightens that Nintendo desired their cosmetics to be visible only to Switch players, indicating a unique edge. Speaking of existing integrations, ‘FortniteParodys’ pointed out that Pac-Man is already a back bling in Fortnite. Imagine chomping up enemies Fortnite style!

A Crossover Wishlist

The post turns more whimsical as users voice their hopes for specific character integrations. ‘Kasteni’ would like to see Bad Box Art Megaman in action, while others, like ‘mondatta98,’ would like to witness an avalanche of Square Enix characters. ‘Pichael710’ goes a step ahead stating that he would trade his Kidneys for a Kingdom Hearts collab, a testament to the passion gamers can have for a game.

Beyond The Realms of Possibility?

Our enthusiastic gamers ‘FortniteParodys’ and ‘Fortnitefanatics’ do voice out limiting factors as well. According to ‘DartBoardGamer,’ the set of likely characters would lean more towards those not owned by Nintendo. Characters from renowned franchises like Fire Emblem were cast away into the ‘extremely unlikely’ category. But then, who’s to say ‘extremely unlikely’ doesn’t mean ‘absolutely impossible’?

Whimsical hopes or realistic forecasts? Only time will tell. Until then, we continue to look forward to seeing ever-popular Smash Bros characters dance the floss on Fortnite Island, all while we keep enjoying these humorous gambits from Fortnite fans all over the world.