Decoding Fan Perspectives: 2023 Call of Duty Campaign Tier List

Exploring fans’ reactions and thoughts on the 2023 Call of Duty Campaign Tier List put out by a bored fellow gamer.

Today, we turn our sights to a fan-curated attempt that sought to engage the Call of Duty community, a 2023 COD Campaign Tier list.


  • The list maker, daynester44, considers BLOPS 2 as the apex of COD campaigns.
  • Most of the dialogues revolved around placing of individual campaigns into tiers.
  • There seemed to be conflicting opinions over the placing of MW3, with some users considering it significantly worse than others.

Varied Opinions on Vanguard

In jokr77’s comment, Vanguard was seen in an unfavorable light compared to BO3. The disappointment with Vanguard’s execution seems to be common among players.

Debate on GOAT Tier Campaigns

The user Useless_Greg, simply suggested – The WaW campaign deserves its spot in the GOAT tier. Another user, mistersardine1, offered a radical rearrangement, reassigning BO2, BO, and MW2 to worst campaigns, and promoting Ghosts and Infinite Warfare to GOATs.

Controversial Placements

While some users offered rearrangements, others like No-Speaker-1534 and Dull-L expressed more visceral reactions, with No-Speaker-1534 going so far as to call the list a disgrace, and Dull-L stating that MW3 2023 feels like a ‘Frankenstein of Special Ops, Warzone and some ill-conceived AI writing’.

It’s evident from this engrossing exchange that the Call of Duty community is a passionate one with varied opinions on each addition to the beloved franchise. From GOATs to not-so-greats, the diversity of thoughts make it an exciting space through which we learn much about player perceptions. Janjanboban’s curiously curated list ignited a flurry of debate but most importantly, highlighted the shared love for the game that unites everyone on the list.