Decoding Call of Duty Community’s Sentiment: A Deep Dive

Exploring the perceptions and opinions towards Call of Duty from its beloved fans and critics, and the banter ensuing from a viral meme.

Heated debates, playful banter, shreds of criticism, and typhoons of fandom– that’s the soup the Call of Duty community loves to simmer in. This time it’s sparked by a jocular jab at the Modern Warfare 3 (aka MW 2.5).


  • Multiple sentiments, both good and bad are expressed about MW3, colloquially referred to as MW 2.5
  • A notable number of comments bring a meme under scrutiny, sparking animated conversations
  • The fanbase appears to be divided with some fans heartily enjoying MW3 while others critiquing it sharply
  • A hat tip to Battlefield Friends and a sobering reminder of Thick44’s passing fill the lines of comments.

Is MW3 Worth the Hype?

“This might be the lamest shit I’ve ever seen lmao,” quips 1050QD on the internet phenomenon. However, not everyone agrees. “I’m glad I didn’t waste time and money on MWII, MWIII is the best CoD I’ve played in years,” relates heavencs117, a clear fan of the latest version.

From Battlefield Friends, with Love

“Did you just turned a battlefield meme into a cod meme?” questions MW2Konig, to which others join in paying tributes. “Love me some Battlefield Friends. Rest in peace thick44. Fuck cancer,” writes Radiant_Cricket1049 with a heart full of love.

The Cutthroat Critique

“Imagine buying mw2 in the first place. Yall kinda deserve it for knowing how incompetent iw is and you guys gave them a billion dollars. You should be mad for getting overhyped with mw2,” argues StonedPickleG59, showcasing a darker sentiment towards the game and its developer team. But as it goes with any game, be it virtual or in real life, opposing sides aren’t just inevitable they spice up the game.

From a meme that sparked an animated conversation, to a bittersweet trip down memory lane and intense virtual combat over MW3, such threads build the community. They are what makes the world of gaming continually evolve from just mere pixels to a space where life and fantasy blend, pointing their guns at reality.