Dealing with Long Queues in Fortnite: Players Express Outage Over 30-Minute Wait Time

Fortnite users express their disbelief and frustration over an unexpected 30-minute wait time to play the game.

Engaging the Fortnite community are recent reports of prolonged queue times, with users having to wait for up to 30 minutes. The outrage originates from a post by user ‘p5yk0t1km1r4ge’, who expressed disbelief and frustration over this unexpected delay.


  • User ‘lilgamer512’ sadly missed an event due to a 50-minute queue time.
  • User ‘overly_fertile_dude’ speculated that the long queue times may be due to too many people logging in at once.
  • Several users also reported prolonged queue times, some even exceeding the 30-minute mark.

User Experiences

Perhaps no experience summarises the dilemma better than that of ‘lilgamer512’. Having failed to access Big Bang due to an ongoing game, the user decided to restart, only to be faced with a near one-hour wait. Despondent, the user notes, ‘guess no event for me!’

Speculations on the Cause

‘Overly_fertile_dude’, who meet the wait times with a mix of resignation and understanding, offered a plausible explanation for the mess. They believed that the massive influx of users logging in simultaneously could have caused an overload, leading to the extended queue times.

Prolonged Wait Times

Several other users reported facing exorbitantly long wait times. ‘Ghost-Ukraine’ and ‘Catboysarebetter’ indicated that their queues extended up to 47 and 60 minutes, respectively, causing tremendous frustration. To make matters worse, ‘Ch1canery’ reported that even after four hours, their wait was still not over. This definitely pours fuel on the fire of this waiting game controversy.

Discovering this fiasco unfolds with hardly a solution in sight is humorous in a cruel sense. Satirical comedy aside, one can only empathize with the vexed users and hope for an urgently needed solution.