Cute Twins in ‘Genshin Impact’: Aether and Lumine Hangout Edit Creates Buzz

A closer look at the positive buzz generated by an adorable edit of the twins Aether and Lumine from ‘Genshin Impact’.

Fans of ‘Genshin Impact’ can’t get enough of a delightful edit featuring the twins Aether and Lumine. Spiered, the artist, creatively mashed up the twins from Noelle’s hangout event images, leaving the community awestruck and bringing a balance of cuteness and novelty to the game’s art scene.


  • The twin edit is perceived as an adorable rendition that brings new life to Noelle’s hangout event
  • There’s a strong positive sentiment towards the edit, pointing to the significant appreciation for fan art as part of the game’s community
  • The edit also sparked a sense of nostalgia and memories of past in-game events

The Enthusiastic Response

Amid continuous gameplay and quest updates, the artistic representation of the characters deepens player engagement, as shown through the comments. “Aw it’s very wholesome“, comments DeadTemplar, emphasizing the pure joy some players have derived from it. In a similar vein, RTX3090TI mentions attempts to make narrative sense out of the edit by describing it as a “True ending“, suggesting it as an alternative outcome to the twins’ storyline.

Fan Engagement Through Art

Posts such as these contribute significantly to the strong sense of community amongst ‘Genshin Impact’ players. TheSegueMaster’s depiction of the memorable Noelle hangout has prompted re-engagement, with LivingASlothsLife stating “Nostalgic seeing an edit of this after so long“. This player goes on to relive the hilarious time when a Hilichurl gave the rose to Noelle, indicating the long-lasting impression the event had on players.

Nostalgia and Appreciation

The fanart is doused in nostalgia and wholesomeness which has been resonating well with the audience. Coma70seEx’s comment that this is “How it should’ve been” encapsulates the longing some players have for divergent or alternative narratives. The sentiment is echoed by SarukyDraico who mentions that this is “The ending we need“, repeating the desire for this kind of win-win situation where both twins get to hang out together.

Undeniably, Spiered’s twin edit has stirred up quite a stir in the community, sparking joy, nostalgia, and a deep appreciation for the game’s art and narrative possibilities. Amidst the whirlwind adventure of ‘Genshin Impact’, it’s these little moments of creativity and camaraderie that truly lend the game its magic.