Custom Character Skins: A Desired Feature in Genshin Impact Fans’ Wishlist

Explore what’s on Genshin Impact fans’ wishlist: character skins they’d love to see and why!

In the bustling online community of Genshin Impact, fans are always abuzz about their favorite characters and wishlists for new updates. A particularly hot topic recently is character skins, with many fans keen on the idea of character customization.


  • A vast majority of fans expressed an enthusiasm for character skins, despite specific preferences varying drastically.
  • Several fans expressed a willingness to part with their F2P status for the right skins.
  • Unique and vibrant character designs are a significant lure for many players.

Players’ Character Preferences

A user going by esztersunday stated their absolute adoration for Zhongli, citing his critical role in their team play. Another user Golgomat9376 said it’d depend on the skin, but showed preference for Zhongli, Neuvillette, Alhaitham, or Childe, especially if it’s a 5* skin.

Fans Going Beyond F2P

Discussion participant caramelluh interestingly brought up that they might break their current non-monetary status if there was a skin for Itto. Meanwhile, in a suspenseful plot twist, KFConnoisseur expressed that they would renounce their F2P status for a spellbinding Monsieur Neuvillette Dragon Sovereign Form skin.

The Pull of Unique Character Design

The lure of a potentially unique and vibrant character design for their favorites seemed to resonate with fans across the board. Even users like GoombaHunter007 who claimed they’d buy any skin for Noelle, and FischlInsultsMePls who stated they almost became a spender for a Fischl skin, underscore just how much fans crave design diversity.

Moving Forwards

Who knows what marvelous designs are on the horizon? Perhaps our appeals will reach the developers and we’ll witness some awe-inspiring skins sooner than we anticipate. Until then, we’ll keep our dreams, hopes, and coins ready, waiting for the character skins we can’t resist!