Curious Fortnite Mystery: The Cube with ‘3 CHEST’ Written On

Unraveling a humorous Fortnite mystery: a cube named ‘3 CHEST’ bewilders players.

Within the immersive world of Fortnite comes a quirky mystery that has players baffled and amused in equal measure. Users puzzle over a cube, inscribed with ‘3 CHEST’, but alas, it’s not a viable object in the game.


  • The cube seems to be a placeholder left unintentionally by the development team.
  • The cube could signify a spot where a game chest ought to be.
  • A bug could also be the culprit, causing a chest texture to remain unrendered.

Digging into the Mystery

Player Tentegen humorously suggests the cube to be ‘All the fated horrors of the world Pandora..’. Meaning the cube could be some sort of placeholder that the developers forgot to erase. And that’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Game development is complex and certain assets may be overlooked occasionally.

Forgotten Treasure or Rendering Error?

Cyclone949 offers another plausible explanation, postulating that it is a placeholder spot for a chest from the time they were developing the map. icecoldcoke319, meanwhile, believes it to be an error in rendering the chest texture when a player is too distant from it – a bug in the game since 2017 but is extremely rare.

A Good Laugh and Endless Speculations

The whole event has mostly been taken in good humor by the gaming community. BlueKitsune9999 teases with ‘Cant you read? Its a chest, duh’. This witty and elusive cube has indeed stirred up a comedic debate among Fortnite fans, fostering camaraderie and intrigue around this harmless enigma.

Whether it’s mislaid game assets, a rendering error, or a mystifying marker left by developers for their own amusement, this cube that should be a chest, provides a slew of entertaining speculations and hearty laughter among Fortnite players, reminding us that every game comes with its unique quirks and idiosyncrasies, and wouldn’t we have it any other way?