Cracking Fortnite’s ‘Verdant Dilemma’: How to Change Grass Color?

Bridging ideas from Reddit’s Fortnite Creative community, we dissect the feasibility of altering Fortnite’s grass color.

In the dynamic world of Fortnite, customization is a often a big deal for players. A specific request for alteration associated with Fortnite’s in-game grass color sparked a robust discussion.


  • While some users believe that altering epic-made landscape materials is impossible, others beg to differ.
  • Differing player perspectives illuminate potential methods to modify grass color.
  • An inherent difference seems to exist between players with different Fortnite versions.

User Perspectives

A definitive ‘grassgate’ emerged in the community as player “Redditoires” flatly stated, ‘no, sadly you can’t modify epic made landscape materials’. This comment manifested the underlying belief of a portion of players – grasping for green might simply be impossible.

Realistic Alternatives

“SinportDevelopments” offers a flicker of hope to green-thumbers though, claiming, ‘Yes, if you right click the material and create a material instance you can edit the instance you’ve just made’. This method does require some additional material handling but could make the dream attainable.

Differing Versions

The game isn’t just black or white – or in this case green, as “major_gl1tch” points out a version-based solution, saying, ‘on 1.0 there is a customizable grass that you can change colour, this is a prop found in the gallery’. Apparently, version 1.0 Fortnite users have a little more flexibility when sprucing up their lawns.

The ‘Grass Color’ query has certainly revealed interesting perspectives and proposed methods. The consensus? It might not be as straightforward as some hope, but verdant victory could yet be within our grasp.