Counting Chaos: Unusual Score-tallying in Call of Duty MW3 Strikes Fans’ Chatter

Call of Duty player at odds with peculiar scoring issue. The post stirs mixed sentiments among the gaming community.

In an entertaining turn of events, a Call of Duty player, Comprehensive-Low672, discovered an interesting anomaly while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Apparently, the user found the game scoring one more than the expected count, leading to a moment of baffled amusement.


  • The anomaly caused amusement and speculation among players
  • A few fans speculated game patch testing failure
  • Several comments pointed towards players’ growing frustration over perceived bugs

The Score-tallying Saga

Many players found the score-tallying glitch amusing, with user Just-Possible-1118 joking about the score being ‘one too many.’ A moment of laughter indeed! However, this oddity didn’t escape some keen eyes who put forward other theories. For instance, user WeirdSysAdmin noted that the patch wasn’t tested at all, potentially hinting at a glitch.

Is it a Bug or a Feature?

While the post started out light-heartedly, it soon brought out underlying player frustrations. User EmployerClean1213 shared his frustration about the game being one of the buggiest and laziest releases in 2023. Skylinegtr88 echoed similar sentiments and called the game an ‘unplayable mess.’

Is the Frustration Justified?

User King-AtumRa had a different take, stating that the issue wasn’t worth complaining about and was only an attempt to gain attention. Whether this was true or not, one thing’s for sure: A seemingly harmless count issue ended up highlighting deeper community sentiments.

In what started as a humorous miscalculation quickly revealed the tension between the gaming community and the developers. Till the next glitch, keep counting your points carefully, gamers!