Counter-Strike’s M249: Asset or Liability? Opinions From The GlobalOffensive Community

A deep-dive on the contentious M249 gun in Counter-Strike, capturing insights from the GlobalOffensive community.

Stepping into the fiercely electrifying world of Counter-Strike, one gun that sparks a fair amount of controversy is the M249. Hailed as the ‘ultimate troll gun’, its usefulness is debated amongst players on various platforms.


  • The community perceives the M249 as overpriced and unwieldy, yet offers an interesting dynamic to the game.
  • While some see potential for the gun to be competitively viable, others embrace its ‘troll gun’ status that injects a sense of unpredictability into the play.
  • A host of suggestions have been made to rework the M249 – from changes in damage output, to running accuracy, to price adjustments.

The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Player ‘cwilms1410‘ suggests a simple one-shot bodyshot power-up. On the whimsical side of recommendations, ‘Cartina‘ muses it should fire Molotov cocktails, ‘but just sometimes’, adding a dash of humor and unpredictability to the gameplay.

Go Big or Go Home

Never one to shy away from excess, ‘Manypopes‘ has a radical proposal, advocating to transform the M249 into a map-destroying energy weapon, effectively turning the tides of a match instantly.

Rebalance or Remove?

While ‘Direct-Wallaby-7022‘ takes a balanced approach, suggesting a price reduction and reintroduction of all weapons for choice instead of loadout limits, there are a few like ‘Zoddom‘ who lose patience with the repetitiveness of M249 debates, expressing a desire to remove it altogether.

While the M249 remains a contentious topic within the Counter-Strike community, the contrast in perspectives serves as a reminder of the game’s dynamic nature, allowing it to stay engaging and enjoyable. From ‘troll gun’ to potentially game-changing weapon, the M249 continues to fuel spirited discussions among players, keeping the gaming experience as unpredictable as a well-tossed Molotov cocktail.