Counter-Strike Woes: Week 2 of Valve’s Unresolved Mic Issues

CS:GO players are raising their voices over unresolved mic issues. Here’s a detailed discussion.

In the world of Counter-Strike, communication is key. However, current issues with the in-game mic are pushing the patience of some loyal players.


  • Players report having to shout or keep the mic extremely close to their mouths for it to work.
  • Some have resorted to using third-party programs to boost their mic volume.
  • This issue seems to be specific to CS:GO, as mics work fine in other applications.
  • The report of the problem to Valve is now in its second week with no solution in sight.

A Long-Standing Problem

One user mentioned this issue is not recent; it has infact been bugging them for over two months. Another recalled their struggle dating back to the last couple of months of

Valve, Where Art Thou?

The problem has been reported to Valve but no fix has been implemented yet. Players are frustrated and venting it in hilariously witty ways, one user even mentioning they sound like a ‘banshee’

Workarounds and Suggestions

While waiting for an official solution from Valve, players have been creative in finding workarounds. Ranging from using third-party software for boosting mic volume to notifying their team about the situation through text instead of voice.

In all this chaos and confusion, the spirit of the CS:GO community shines through; full of hilarious disappointments, cunning workaround strategies, and an undying hope for a less noisy future.