Counter-Strike Update: The Sticky Situation of Dust2 Mid Barrels

Exploring the unexpected twist in the new Counter-Strike update that led to ‘gluey’ situations on Dust2.

In an intriguing turn of events, the gaming world of Counter-Strike has taken a ‘sticky’ turn due to a recent update, particularly affecting Dust2. The new update has left gamers glued to the barrels placed in the middle of the Dust2 map, leading to some unusual gameplay scenarios. The bizarre twist only occurs if the barrels are touched from the ‘T side’, adding to the peculiarity of this update.

Sticky Commentary

  • The glitch happens only when barrels are approached from the ‘T side’
  • Glitch extends to the box in long doors during a boost
  • Jumping up on the elevator can cause a player to get stuck mid-air
  • Other maps like ‘mirage’ seem to be affected, although Valve has yet to confirm this

The Glue that Sticks

User ‘_ak4h_’ echoes the confusion many gamers felt: “Interesting, since the patch notes don’t mention…changes to Dust2.” This glitch has left many players wondering why Valve hasn’t addressed the issue, given its prevalence.

More Sticky Situations?

‘Maalkav’ suggested the glitch might be wider than just Dust2, sharing an experience of a friend getting “glued” on ‘mirage’ map in a faceit game. He ponders “Could’nt move at all. Might be the update too then 🤔”

The Call to Action

Given the impact of the sticky situation, 0x00410041 has astutely advised “report it to valve dude”. Indeed, it’s a call to action that many gamers likely echoed in hopes of returning gameplay to normal.

So, in this gaming round of Counter-Strike, it seems the main player to beat is not another online competitor but a set of strangely ‘gluey’ barrels. May the odds (or at least the game updates) ever be in your favor, gamers!