Counter-Strike: The Danish Squad’s Final Game – 963 Days Ago

Glimpse into the glorious past of Counter-Strike’s Danish squad – their final game and the community’s reaction.

Our favorite Danish Counter-Strike squad played together for the last time more than two and a half years ago. On April 13th, 2021, they embarked on their separate paths. Despite the absence of a substantive post body, the passionate community chimed in with nostalgic and engaging comments.


  • Community sentiment towards the old Danish lineup is largely positive, reflecting nostalgic memories.
  • Some members remember the team being unusually large with six players.
  • The users widely regard the team as very skillful, some even referring to them as GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).
  • The team’s jerseys were brought up, recalling a sense of style that came with the skilled gameplay.

What’s Past is Prologue

According to Commercial-Row4740, the line-up was “so cursed” (in a humorous way), with a total of six men trying to coordinate against the enemy. This comment reflects on the atypical large team size which was oddly charismatic.

Be It Ever so Humble, There’s No Team Like GOAT

Then there was Bigboozered and TemporaryAddicti0n, who referred to AleksiB as his GOAT, and thus, impressively illustrated the high regard held for this player.

A Stitch in Time

Thetrombonist was visibly taken aback about it being almost three years since the team played together, a sentiment that most of us eSports enthusiasts resonate with – time flies in the world of fast-paced gaming.

Threads and Patches

ImProvementSC2 nostalgically points out that the team’s jerseys were more fashionable back then. A nod back to when a team’s outfit was as significant as their in-game strategy.

The retrospect of this golden team brought together fans worldwide. In this gaming melting pot called Counter-Strike, the Danish squad indeed left an imprint that is fondly remembered. The community’s affectionate response has only served to immortalize them in eSports history.