Counter-Strike Star Broky Nominated for Best Athlete in Latvia, says Twistzz – An Unconventional Dimension to eSports Recognition

eSports player Broky in running for Best Athlete in Latvia – a shift in the perception of video game players.

In a recent development in the Counter-Strike eSports scene, renowned player ‘Twistzz’ shared that his fellow compatriot and professional player, ‘Mr. Broky,’ has been nominated for ‘Best Athlete in Latvia.’


  • ‘Broky’ breaks stereotype by being voted in a category traditionally for athletes.
  • Wide fan support witnessed for eSports players being recognized as real athletes.
  • Comments reveal a mixed sentiment towards this nomination.

Breaking Boundaries

With this exciting revelation, it becomes clear that eSports are slowly gaining recognition, often being placed in the same categories as traditional athletes. Noting the same, player ‘beefdog99’ humorously suggests that ‘Broky’ would even beat Basketball player Kristaps Porzingis in a two-man decathlon.

The Challenge at Hand

However, not everything about this nomination seems smooth. A user ‘blurrijs’ spills the beans on the voting process, highlighting how an individual must possess a Latvian phone number, making it quite challenging for international fans to vote.

Divided Opinions

Certain contrasting opinions underline the conversation around this nomination. While most users seem excited, some, like user ‘Former-Time-7216’, express their skepticism about equating eSports players with athletes due to the lack of physical exertion in eSports.

Yet, a Symbolic Triumph

Despite these disagreements, the nomination stands as a significant milestone for the eSports community, signaling a fresh shift in perception. Endorsing this sentiment, user ‘afk420k’ calls ‘Twistzz’ one of the top 20 Counter-Strike ambassadors, signaling the respect garnered within the gaming sphere.

End of the day, reservations aside, this nomination surely sets a new precedent in the journey of eSports towards mainstream recognition. Can we see more of this trend in the future? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the world is gradually waking up to the realm of eSports. Game on!