Counter-Strike Showdown: Unpacking the Apeks vs FURIA Elisa Masters Grand Final

A thrilling recap and nuanced analysis of the Apeks vs. FURIA Grand Finale at the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023.

The recent Counter-Strike event, Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 held a riveting Grand Final showdown between Apeks and FURIA, stirring quite the fervour among fans and generating insightful discussions.


  • Apeks fought valiantly but succumbed to FURIA with a 1-3 loss, with FURIA being crowned as the Elisa Masters champions.
  • The dramatic turn of events in the game maps provided an adrenaline-fueled viewing experience.
  • The performances of individual players, notably chelo and Kscerato, significantly influenced the outcome of the match.

Performance Breakdown

The game scores on individual maps – Inferno (9-13), Ancient (13-7), Vertigo (9-13), and Mirage (9-13) depict a roller coaster of a match. A noteworthy moment was the win on Ancient by Apeks, even with FURIA allegedly having the upper hand.

Player Highlights

FURIA’s victory could be largely attributed to stellar performances by chelo and Kscerato. Chelo, in particular, was highly praised by fans, like Salasarian who was glad to see him given due importance.

Andreiox beautifully expressed the sensation of a Brazilian team basking in the glory of victory here. The emotion was echoed by Cero_Kurn exclaiming that the sight of arT and fallen lifting the trophy together was the most beautiful thing.

Humorous Takes and Reactions

Our dear users, TimathanDuncan and futurebasedddd, brought a sense of humor to the table with exaggerated portrayals of Gaules’ reaction here and here.

As we delve deeper into the analyses of this match, it’s poignant to see the avid responses and the community’s active engagement in the evolving dynamics of Counter-Strike. Taking stock of audience reactions and player performances, it’s clear FURIA winning the Elisa Masters was more than just a victory – it was a testament to their excellent team strategy, individual player contributions, and resilience. As Counter-Strike fans, these are the moments and the sweeping emotions that keep us coming back for more.