Counter-Strike Players’ Preferences: Gsync/Vsync Usage Insights

Exploring how Counter-Strike gamers feel about using gsync/vsync for optimising game experience

In response to a recent query raised on an online platform, Counter-Strike players shared their opinions and experiences with using gsync/vsync in the game. A user by the username ‘3wpo6_’ voiced his concern over issues related with game playability when not using the gsync/vsync combination with frames capped below refresh rate.


  • Diverse opinions among gamers regarding the need and efficacy of gsync/vsync.
  • Performance may vary with individual hardware specifications and settings.
  • Official guidelines available from Nvidia regarding gsync and vsync use.

Gamer Experiences

User ‘fLu_csgo’ found no need to enable vsync when using gsync and claims a great game performance. ‘Embarrassed-Gap4162’ voices a similar positive opinion on using vsync, reporting no issue with input lag on a 240hz monitor. Conversely, ‘Curse3242’ feels no need for vsync anymore, suggesting a lowering of settings/res.

Considerations for Gsync/Vsync Use

‘schoki560’ suggest the decision to cap fps correlates with the average fps a system delivers. ‘Stormfirebird’ adds to this conversation, noting that the addition of inputlag with Gsync can be negligible if it enhances game experience.

Official Guidelines and Recommendations

‘ipSyk’ provides a link to an official guide about using NVIDIA Reflex or NVIDIA Ultra Low Latency Mode alongside VSYNC ON for latency reduction and prevention of VSYNC backpressure. Similarly, ‘AdamoA-‘ shared an Nvidia guide that states utilization of Gsync+Vsync might result in slightly higher latency than allowing uncapped FPS with NVIDIA Reflex enabled.

The thread shows that experiences with Gsync/Vsync can vary as players configure their settings based on individual systems, preferences and in accordance with official recommendations to optimize their gameplay. VS the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying the game, whether you’re tactically storming through Dust II or diffusing bombs in Mirage!