Counter-Strike Community’s Take on ‘steel’s’ New Career Path

Understanding the reactions of the Counter-Strike community regarding the shift in ‘steel’s’ new professional focuses.

The Counter-Strike scene is buzzing again, with former professional player ‘steel’, making a bold announcement about his plans to expand his horizons. The announcement, made by user Ni7rom, covers two main areas of focus for ‘steel’ – launching a dedicated YouTube channel and seeking opportunities as a Tournament Analyst.


  • Overwhelmingly positive response to ‘steel’s’ new YouTube channel, with users commending the quality and content.
  • Positive expectations for ‘steel’s’ performance as an analyst, given his in-depth knowledge of Counter-Strike.
  • Some reservations about ‘steel’s’ past controversies affecting his role as an analyst.

‘Steel’s’ YouTube Stir

@RickyTrailerLivin commented, expressing his admiration for ‘steel’s’ new initiative. He mentioned, ‘His new youtube channel is actually legit. Very very good.’ Similar sentiments were shared by @dellzor1, who stated, ‘His new Youtube channel content has been banging.’

Expectations for Analyst Role

@StilgarTF expressed high expectations for ‘steel’s’ potential role as an analyst, ‘I would absolutely love to see steel as an analyst. His CS knowledge goes deep and I’m sure he would kill it.’

Mixed Opinions

However, not all comments were rosy. @Marksta highlighted the negative side of ‘steel’s’ past controversies ‘No tournament could seriously consider a match fixing scumbag like Steel… I wouldn’t have an ounce of trust in a tournament that has a convicted match fixer on staff.’

On a lighter note, @frothyloins response was more neutral, giving a simple ‘Okay.‘ Time will tell how ‘steel’s’ career transition unfolds and what it means for the Counter-Strike community, but one thing is for certain – it won’t be dull.