Counter-Strike Community Debate: M4A1-S | Waterproof | Blue or Pink?

A dive into the Counter-Strike community’s colorful debate over the M4A1-S | Waterproof color.

A wave of discussion has swept the Counter-Strike community, centering around a seemingly simple question: ‘M4A1-S | Waterproof | Blue or Pink?’ Creative or preference-driven? Let’s find out.


  • Opinions are conflicted: some users favor the pink version for its unique appeal while others prefer the blue due to its dynamic looks.
  • Pink’s contrast was noted, with expectations of the color scheme potentially moving it to purple rarity.
  • Many comments field what seems to be a recurring concept: ‘there are already a lot of blue A1S skins’.

Quoting the Players

JP-Bets, the initiator of the discussion, simply sought the community’s input, “Pls upvote the better one.” Links to both versions were provided for the community to give informed opinions. Cheers for your democratic spirit, JP-Bets!

PDG4 had some aesthetic input for the debate: “Pink might be a better fit since there are already some blue A1s skins. Would combo well with Cortex.” They’re strategic with their co-ordinations, we see!

A Closer Look: The Pink Side

Doomestos1 emphasizes on the contrast the pink version provides, remarking, “That color scheme could move it to purple rarity.” Quite an insightful outlook on rarity and color association in games, don’t you think?

Emb3rzz also joined Team Pink, stating, “it looks more unique as there are already a lot of blue A1S skins.” We’re getting some repetition on this ‘too many blues’ point.

A Closer Look: The Blue Side

Elcholismo and 1nfisreal, however, hold their stakes at the blue corner. “Blue looks more dynamic” claims 1nfisrael, while elcholismo shares, “i think blue looks much better, pink looks a bit like the hyper beast.” So, preferences also play a key part in this debate.

Sweeping the Checkerboard

Going from the raging debate, there’s no denying that Counter-Strike‚Äôs community is passionate when it comes to even the smallest aesthetic details. Whether it’s pink for its vibrant rarity or blue for its dynamic looks, the M4A1-S | Waterproof debate reminds you of one of the fundamental joys of gaming: the freedom of choice. Till next time, keep blasting those pixels!