Cool New Feature in Fortnite: Ice Spike Wall Creates a Chill in the Air

Dive into the frosty realms of Fortnite’s Creative Mode – How one gamer’s icy invention sparked a cold wave across players.

In the expanse of Fortnite’s creative universe, a chilling new entity has emerged – an Ice Spike Wall. Conjuring a landscape reminiscent of a wintery, frost-laden fortress, this creation is the inspired work of a player known as ‘Natural_Lemon_1459’. The unique design utilized in creating this icy barricade has attracted considerable attention, amassing admirers and followers.


  • One user, ‘InternationalRow9506’ was intrigued by the burn mark the icy breath leaves when passing on the ground.
  • Another gamer, ‘Cyancat123’, took this as an opportunity to express a recurrent plea for permanent IP items in creative mode.

Chilling Intricacies

‘InternationalRow9506’ commended Natural_Lemon_1459 on the Ice Wall’s design, asking, ‘How do you do that burn mark when the breath pass through the ground?’. A fair question! Game physics often play tricks on gamers, but they also serve as a canvas for innovative in-game creators.

Player Demands

‘Cyancat123’ had another take on the Ice Wall creation, using it to underline the community’s ongoing request. The comment, ‘Day 6230 of asking epic to put a clause in their collab contracts that leaves IP items to be in creative permanently.’, reflects a yearning for innovation and longevity in player creations.

And thus, the frosty dominion of the Ice Spike Wall serves as a reminder of the ceaseless creativity of the Fortnite player community. From ingenuity in game physics to calls for more diverse item usage, this frozen citadel stands as a beacon to creativity and constructive discourse within the Fortnite universe. Which leaves us to wonder, what’s next in the forecast? A heatwave perhaps, or maybe a tornado?