Community Sentiment about the Fortnite Storm King Pin

A deep dive into the Fortnite community’s sentiment about the historical Storm King pin.

Discover the sentiment revolving around an iconic Fortnite trophy, the storm king pin? Do seasoned Fortnite warriors still have it or is it lost like some forgotten relic? Let’s find out.


  • A sense of nostalgia permeates the converstaion.
  • Having the pin is quite prestigious among Fortnite enthusiasts.
  • There’s a wishlist sentiment for those who missed out on having it.

Community Attachment To The Storm King Pin

In seemingly quotable sentiments, ‘Grinded so hard for it. Never opening it‘, expresses 13lackjack, a testament of the pin’s worth in the Fortnite community. Others proudly still hold their trophy with OhnoKnux stating, ‘I still got mine 🫡‘,.

The Missing Ping Pangs

While some lost their pin like lycanthz who sadly admits, ‘Lost it somewhere in house 😞 Still can’t find it‘, others like beanosoncrayons express their longing: ‘Wish I had one. Pins from games go hard‘.

Value and The Storm King Pin

From one end, these pins appeared to hold personal sentimental value to users like 13lackjack while on another, some like dawidczemi saw the pin as a collector’s item, deciding to sell it off, ‘I sold it ;v‘.

Overall, the Fortnite storm king pin stirs up different sentiments within the community, from nostalgia to longing and the influence of monetary worth, proving once and for all that in gaming, physical trophies can add to the fantasy and commitment individual players bring to the game.