Community Insights: The Sad Onion Face of Genshin Impact’s Mika

A community perspective on character Mika from Genshin Impact – a sad onion or an ageless baby, it’s all a matter of perspective.

Genshin Impact, the popular MMORPG, has seen an outpouring of player interpretations in a recent community discussion regarding character Mika. Some players have pointedly termed Mika “The Sad Onion” due to his character design. The discussion provides an interesting perspective into the meme-filled dynamics and sense of humor within Genshin Impact’s fan base.


  • Users identify Mika as a symbolic ‘Sad Onion’ in a poignant display of commiseration.
  • The community’s outpour of responses highlights a sense of shared hilarity, embraced across the gaming demographic.
  • ‘Ages from 0 to 3 to be precise,’ quips one user, striking another chord of shared amusement.

Shared Meme Genes

“The forbidden boy,” comments ExpensiveCarrot1012 significantly amplifying the community humour. Mika isn’t just a character; he’s a collective meme, a shared piece of community culture.

Ageless Wonder?

Commenter UDontKnowMeButIHateU humorously brings up the seemingly timeless nature of Mika, describing him as ‘a baby, ages 0 to 3 to be precise.’

Unseen Mysteries

Johnkovan_Jones sums up the player sentiment with an amused ‘now I can’t unsee.’ Thanks, Genshin players, as now, we can’t unsee that either.

No Use for the Onion?

Adding to the drama, Mr_Nobody_unknown declares, ‘This why nobody uses him,’ evoking both empathy and laughter within the community.

Sifting through this discussion, we unearth an amusing truth. Video games are not just about quests and avatars. They’re about shared hilarity, community bonding, and players coming together to laugh over something as simple as an onion-faced character. As for Mika, whether you see him as a sad onion or an ageless baby, remember he has inspired joy, laughter and a sense of camaraderie within the Genshin Impact community, and that’s a grand achievement on its own.