Cloud9 vs MOUZ: A High-Octane Clash in Counter-Strike’s BLAST Premier World Final 2023

Analysing the Counter-Strike Quarter Final match-up between Cloud9 and MOUZ at the BLAST Premier World Final 2023

In the world of Counter-Strike eSports, the BLAST Premier World Final 2023 quarter-final fight between Cloud9 and MOUZ held gamers globally in its grip. The match, filled with tactical plays, strategy-led surprises, and individual brilliance, certainly had the eSports community buzzing.


  • The game illustrated Cloud9’s persistent struggles, prompting a heated debate about their ‘no AWPer’ approach.
  • MOUZ, impressively led by a stand-in siuhy, showcased a promising performance against Cloud9.
  • The match triggered an avalanche of memes, reinforcing how integral humor is to the eSports community.

The Big Takeaways

Cloud9, despite having power hitters in their team, felt the lack of firepower. In our analysis, their ‘no AWPer’ approach was one of the culprits behind their lineup’s limitations. This sentiment was echoed by a user named SardineS__, who observed a distinct weakness in their defense due to not having a professional AWPer. This stark issue vexed the fans who were expecting more from the roster.

Standout Performances

One of the highlights of the match was the exceptional performance by stand-in igler siuhy for MOUZ. Fans on the forum loved siuhy’s leadership and gameplay, eloquently summarised by TeTeOtaku who exclaimed, ‘Man, I love siuhy…’.

In another outstanding feat, MOUZ’s performance in the major showed a domino effect of wins set off by a series of fortunate events, including Brollan’s happiness and improved gameplay after a change of environment. Surely dkrkrk2oe’s comment of witnessing a ‘reborn’ Brollan reflects the sentiment of many users on the forum.

Community Reactions

Xenoon_ humorously referred to a Gloria Gaynor song lyric to capture the situation when Cloud9 was expected to just roll over and be defeated, creating a laughter riot among the community. On the other hand, some were not so subtle about their disappointment, with user WF04 expressing dismay at Cloud9’s performance compared to their previous matches.

Reacting to Cloud9’s disheartening performance, user NuuuDaBeast humorously noted that Cloud9 managed to top their disappointing 1-13 loss by losing 12 rounds in a row after leading 7-1 on their map pick, truly capturing the bizarre and unpredictable world of Counter-Strike eSports in his words.

Ultimately, the dialogue and humour weaved into each comment and reaction offered a richer understanding of the gaming community’s perspective on the match while adding a good balance of light-hearted humour and expert analysis and predictions for future games. Whether you’re a fan of Cloud9, MOUZ or just a general eSport enthusiast, this thread had something for everyone.