Climbing Waterfalls with Furina: A New Trend in Genshin Impact?

A rundown on the latest trend that has taken the Genshin Impact subreddit by storm. Virtual mountaineering anyone?

In the immersive world of Genshin Impact, players are always on the lookout for fun hacks and Easter eggs. The latest of such discoveries involves the character Furina, and you won’t believe it – she’s climbing waterfalls!


  • Players have discovered an amusing glitch which involves Furina overcoming the laws of physics
  • This harmless hack has generated a positive response from Genshin Impact gamers
  • Many players are now attempting their own waterfall ascents, thanks to Furina’s influence

Furina’s Newfound Fame

Furina’s newfound ability to climb waterfalls has certainly raised her profile among players. Gradorade jokingly referred to her as ‘the new hm slave’, adding a dash of humor that the community could appreciate. Other users like LivingASlothsLife played along with the lore, whimsically suggesting that Furina is ‘truly worthy of the title of Archon’. It seems Furina’s waterfall-climbing antics have not only brought delight but also started some new fan theories!

A Community on the Climb

What started as a single character’s superpower turned into an all-out experiment among gamers. Many players, like catarina2112, expressed excitement about trying the trick themselves, uttering the playful exclamation ‘omg I wanna do it too’. User theifzelnite632 took it a step further and applied it to the game’s lore, wishing for Furina to turn into a koi fish.

Memes, References, and More

This humorous glitch encounter was met with tons of gamer references and playful commentaries. User 20DollarBJ compared Furina’s ascent to a ‘Minecraft water elevator’, while ealgron took a jab at another popular game, suggesting that Furina ‘stole Link’s Zora tunic’ from The Legend of Zelda.

We’ve laughed, we’ve climbed, and we’ve celebrated Furina’s superhuman ambulation up waterfalls. This instance reminds us that what makes a game like Genshin Impact truly special isn’t just its gameplay or story, but the community that continues to find joy in the unexpected and shares those discoveries with one another. Here’s to more adventures, ascents, and perhaps a few more Archon titles for Furina!