Choosing the Director for an Imagined ‘Call of Duty’ Film – What the Fans Think

Which iconic director should be at the helm of a hypothetical Call of Duty movie? The fans weigh in!

Fans of Call of Duty are doing some fantasizing about a potential live-action movie. A recent thread posed the question, ‘If a live-action Call of Duty film was announced, which director would fans choose?’

Voices from the Trenches

  • User BraxxIsTheName suggests multiple directors for different installments, including Michael Bay for ‘MW2’, David Fincher for ‘Black Ops 1’, and Christopher Nolan for ‘Black Ops 2’.
  • yMONSTERMUNCHy hilariously proposes Adam Sandler, complete with rage quitting and aimbot-using.
  • An advocate for serious cinema, Uhtred__Ragnarson suggests to choose a ‘real director’ without referencing any specific names.

Michael Bay: Explosive Adventures or Hollow Spectacle?

Michael Bay is a recurring name throughout the thread, with fans divided on whether his high-octane action style would do justice to the Call of Duty franchise. TheRed24 believes Bay would be perfect for ‘over the top explosions and action’ but suggests a more ‘grounded story’ might be better suited to Christopher Nolan.

A Director’s Portfolio.

Other commentators raised various directors based on the specific works. For example, TheDylanNorwood raises the name of Kathryn Bigelow – Oscar winning director of war epic ‘The Hurt Locker’ – as ‘the only acceptable choice for a Call of Duty film’. Quite high praise!

Fresh Faces and Alternate Takes

Some users diverged from established director names. Suggesting from a different approach, forrest1985_ pushes for a new Call of Duty story/IP, concerned Hollywood or Netflix ‘will botch it and not do any of the characters justice’.

Should a Call of Duty movie actually happen, it’s clear the fans have some strong opinions about its direction. It’s an interesting thought experiment and showcases the diverse tastes within the community. Regardless of director, the enthusiasm of the fans indicates that a Call of Duty movie would definitely have a ready audience!