Chibi Neuvillette Steals Hearts: Genshin Impact 2023 Birthday Web Event Shorts Reactions

A web event for Genshin Impact 2023 takes Reddit by storm, featuring Chibi Neuvillette and Melusines

Genshin Impact’s 2023 Birthday Web Event Shorts has captured the attention of the gaming community, featuring a delightful display of character Neuvillette.


  • Insightful commentary on the event’s character choice and dynamics
  • In-depth discussions regarding the event’s lore and character development
  • Diverse sentiments ranging from cute fascination to lore-laden discuss

Wholesome Interactions

A lot of commentators, like Draconicplayer, were touched by the wholesome interaction of Neuvillette with the Melusines, expressing how adorable they found it. Others voiced their excitement for the return of Chibi Neuvillette, with some like HalalBread1427 exclaiming, ‘CHIBI NEUVILLETTE RETURNS!’.

Birthday Wishes

Adding to the overall positivity was Kingpimpy, who wrote a birthday wish to Neuvillette and further encouraged others to respect the Melusines, amidst other birthday wishes like the one from peroook who wished, ‘happy birthday best melusine father figure Neuvillette.’

Event Criticisms

While most comments were positive, there were a few gripes. Some felt the representation of certain characters were off like Helpful-Ad9095, who asked about the peculiar look of Sigewinne. Other discussions ensued, some considering minor details such as what the characters are reading.

This event certainly sparked excitement within the player base. The predominance of positive comments shows how successful this web event was. From wholesome interactions to genuine critiques, the event has shown to be a massive hit, further cementing the popularity of Genshin Impact. And who knows, with the outing such a success, maybe we can expect more such delightful displays in the future. For now, though, it looks like we’re all waiting in anticipation of what comes next in the world of Genshin Impact.