Changing Tides in Fortnite: The Impact of Medallions on Gameplay and Player Sentiments

Unpacking the Fortnite community’s divide on the game’s addition of medallions – a controversial feature disrupting the battle royale.

In an intense world of Fortnite battle royale, players are in a frenzy over medallions – an addition to the game that’s alit a hot debate amongst users. Post author ‘vandtex’ articulates that these new objects have drastically altered the dynamics and his personal experience of gameplay.


  • Medallions are leading players to congregate in certain locations, disrupting balance and variety in gameplay.
  • Players find the NPCs in non-medallion locations superfluous and annoying.
  • The advantage gained from accumulating medallions significantly impacts late-game scenarios, negatively affecting some players’ enjoyment.

Player Experiences and Feedback from the Battlefield

User “Splintor13” draws parallels between the disruption caused by medallions and notorious riot shields, suggesting sticky bombs as a potential counter. Meanwhile, “Jumanji2WasAScam” adds a quirky criticism about Epic’s decisions, likening the medallions to a ‘permanent slurp’ after complaints about its overpowering nature.

Divisions and Implications for Fortnite’s Future

A mixed bag of reactions ensues. Users like “Bonkrip” express frustration, voicing a sentiment that Fortnite is increasingly catering to ‘bots’, rather than skilled players. On the flip side, there are players like “CrazedCircus” who provide the fiercely unfiltered counter-argument that players troubled by medallions simply might need to ‘git gud’.

The Medallion Paradox

Interestingly, user “onyi_time” brings a nuanced perspective, arguing that it’s entirely possible that those struggling against medallion-empowered players might struggle regardless. He posits that medallions add versatility to loadouts, suggesting a positive impact on strategic gameplay variety.

So, do medallions represent an evolution in the metagame or a roadblock to fair play? Are they a tactical addition to spice up gameplay or a golden spoon for the bot-gods? The tale of the tape has yet to unfold, so keep your medallions sparkling and your sticky bombs at the ready, folks!

Remember – the world of Fortnite is ever-evolving, and what seems a game changer today could be a faint memory in the annals of video game history tomorrow. Stay tuned, stay alert, and above all, stay nding.