Can You Surpass This Warzone Siege KD? Here’s What the Players Think

An inquiry about a high Warzone siege Kill/Death ratio sparks lively player debate on techniques and legitimacy.

In the captivating world of Warzone, a player’s prowess is often a hot topic among gaming communities. A user by the name ‘Available_Candle4357’ recently threw down the gauntlet, challenging others to beat their Kill/Death (KD) ratio with the siege. While the post was devoid of context or content, the multitude of comments ignited an intriguing discussion on strategy, legitimacy, and technique.


  • A lively debate ensued among gamers, with varying opinions on the validity of the high KD ratio.
  • Multiple users insinuated the use of ‘camping’ strategies.
  • Others defended the player’s choice of weapon and technique.
  • One user humorously questioned the timing of the post.

Voices of the Community

“So youโ€™re a water ratโ€ฆ not really an achievement” tbrclimber quipped. Echoing this sentiment, Randellstringer questioned the high KD with the Siege, hypothesizing that the poster must be ‘camping’ around water bodies in-game.

nickbarbanera1 took a more jovial route, asking if this was a tongue-in-cheek post for Thanksgiving – “Bruh come on ๐Ÿ˜‚. Trolling on Thanksgiving?

Considering Other Perspectives

Amidst the sea of scorn and teasing, RICK_Pickle_616 countered by questioning why the player is being accused of water camping because of their good KD, admiring the skill involved in handling the weapon. theMobyDork managed to infuse humor and insight into the exchange, stating, “Lol everyone who says ‘camping the water’ doesn’t realize that ‘camping rooftops’ is the exact same thing. It’s a playable area ๐Ÿ˜‚“.

Final Reflections

The thread revealed players’ varied reactions, hence unraveling differing perspectives on emerging trends and individual play styles. It seems that in Warzone, just like anywhere else, every player has their unique tactics. While some may frown upon certain strategies, others find unique ways to defend or rationalize them. The debate goes on, engaging Warzone enthusiasts and shaping the future of these virtual battles.