Can Treyarch’s Call of Duty Revival Rescue the Franchise?

Discover the Reddit buzz about the potential Call of Duty revival. Will Treyarch really save the franchise?

The beloved franchise, Call of Duty, has sparked discussion among its fan base with rumors of a potentially game-changing release from Treyarch, endowed with features to refurbish the dwindling franchise popularity.


  • Fans are apprehensive yet excited about the rumored BO6 features.
  • Discussions regarding the game adapting to Warzone are mixed.
  • The Pick 10 system within the game has divided opinion among the player community.

Community Reactions

Observing the eager but skeptical responses of gamers consistently proves engaging. luvgothbitches humorously suggest everyone is getting ready to criticize the new game. jSplashwell is frustrated with the rapid game release cycle, asking ‘When does it end??

The Warzone Debate

The idea of the upcoming game integrating into Warzone has polarised opinion. Stealthghosts sees such integration as another potential failure for COD. In contrast, ScottyHasThatJuice just needs ‘ranked on launch’ to be satisfied.

The Controversial ‘Pick 10’ System

The return of the ‘Pick 10’ system is a highly debated topic. While some members like LoneRedditor123 are vehemently against it stating ‘NO to Pick 10’, others like Fishmaneatsfish question why people love this feature so much. These contradicting stands bring to light the diverse community COD has cultivated.

As we tread along with these rumors, the anticipation is undeniably palpable. Though some elements bring forth skepticism or contention, the return of Treyarch has stirred hope for a rejuvenated Call of Duty franchise. With bated breath, the fan base now awaits the launch, eager to see if this iteration will indeed be the ‘GOAT’ as OneFlyWeAllFly predicts or will lead the franchise down an unwanted path. Either way, gamers are ready to bravely venture into this rumored revival, guns blazing!