Call of Duty’s Contested Classic: A Retrospective on BO3’s Campaign Sentiment

A look into fan sentiment regarding Call of Duty’s BO3 Campaign. Is it deserving of monumental hate or secret masterpiece?

The timeless debate among fans of Call of Duty’s Black Ops 3 (BO3), centers around its divisive campaign. A recent post by totally1of1 reignited this controversy, with the user asking fellow gamers if the ‘hate for the campaign was a bit too much’, even going as far as to label the campaign a ‘masterpiece’.


  • Total disagreement among the gaming community about the status of BO3’s campaign
  • Multiple instances of players enjoying the gameplay but disliking the storyline
  • A collective sentiment of confusion surrounding the plot despite appreciation for co-op gameplay and multiplayer

A Masterpiece or A Train Wreck?

User AskingForAfriend015 succinctly summarized their sentiments with ‘Plot: Train go 💥’. While this comment might be seen as humorous, it seemingly expresses frustration shared by other users such as No-Speaker-1534 who equates the campaign to ‘the biggest piece of dog shit ever with sprinkles on it’. This strong condemnation raises the question – was the BO3 campaign a misunderstood masterpiece or a story gone off the rails?

Plot Confusion – A Stumbling Block?

Many players expressed confusion over the storyline, suggesting it detracted from their overall enjoyment. As No-Speaker-1534 commented, ‘you literally need a YouTube video of a guy explaining it to understand the story and plot’. Comment element This sentiment was supported by BINGOBONGO3333333, stating the storyline was delivered in a way that made it ‘impossible to appreciate for the average gamer.

Co-op Gameplay: The Saving Grace?

Despite varying opinions on the plot, many users voiced appreciation for the co-op gameplay. IareTyler shared, ‘I think the campaign is a masterpiece strictly because it’s co-op.’ However, the confession followed: ‘I don’t give a rat’s ass about the story,’ Comment element Similarly, TombRaider1987 found that, ‘The story sucked but playing it co-op was a lot of fun.’

While the gamer community may never reach a consensus on whether BO3’s campaign is a mess or an unsung hero, one aspect remains clear: the co-op gameplay and multiplayer aspects held the game’s reputation above water, even if many predict the plot sank swiftly after departing the station.