Call of Duty’s Colossal Conundrum: Storage Space or Gameplay?

Analyzing the recent Reddit uproar over Call of Duty’s 200GB update, and its impact on the users’ gaming experience.

It’s no secret that Call of Duty, one of the most renowned franchises in the gaming world, is causing a bit of a stir. A recent update, weighing in at a hefty 200GB, sparked a spirited discussion among gamers. This pause for thought centers around an age-old conundrum: storage space or premium gameplay? Are the updates worth the hefty storage demand?


  • Many users express frustration with the size of updates, flagging potential storage issues.
  • A sentiment emerges suggesting the need for independent storage solutions exclusively for Call of Duty.
  • An interesting theory about forced download of MW2 within MW3 stirs conversation.
  • Some users navigate the issue by selectively downloading needed files or removing unused add-ons.

This Dilemma: To Update or Not?

Moving on from frustration, users started unpacking potential solutions. Remarkably, No-Speaker-1534 suggested that COD may need an independent storage system. Even though this was likely an exaggeration, it puts emphasis on the issue at hand and brings room for conversations about feasible storage solutions. On the other hand, Overall-Pay4267 considered the exhausting old-school method–uninstall, reinstall.

A Possible Unwanted Cargo: MW2?

A theory was pushed into the conversation when deep443 speculated that the update also downloads MW2, though unplayable unless already owned. If true, this forced imposition might explain some amounts of those extra GBs, but at what cost to the user’s satisfaction?

Practical Steps: Savvy Storage Management

BloodAxe29 offered an approach, suggesting to check the files and only download what’s needed. In similar vein, Melodic-Concept-8648 advised removing unused add-ons. These practical steps serve as soft reminders on managing storage effectively without compromising much of the game indulgence.

Based on this lively discussion, it’s clear that while avid COD gamers are committed to their craft, many grapple with the impact of the game’s increasing demands on their storage systems. Despite this, the gaming community continues to engage positively, brainstorming solutions, sharing ideas, and most importantly, maintaining that shared love for the game. High GBs or not, Call of Duty continues to unite passionate gamers worldwide, demonstrating the enduring power of this iconic franchise.