Call of Duty: Why is ‘Pick 10’ Preferred by Players?

Diving into the buzz about CoD’s ‘Pick 10’ system, assessing its perks, and potential shortcomings.

In the Call of Duty universe, the ‘Pick 10’ system has ignited an intriguing debate amongst seasoned players. A recent discussion thread initiated by user RestlessRhys amplified distinct opinions about the widely integral system in the CoD games.


  • Most participants agree on the ‘Pick 10’ system fostering strategic thinking and providing more freedom in class customization.
  • Some players find the system to be restrictive and prefer the Gunsmith for more delicate tuning.
  • There is a shared sentiment that ‘Pick 10’ brings individuality and uniqueness to the game’s loadouts.

Fostering Strategy

User Total_Ad_6708 sways in favor of the ‘Pick 10’, saying it “makes people actually have to think about sacrificing perks or attachments and gives more choice.” This comment highlights a significant aspect of strategy that the ‘Pick 10’ system introduces to players.

‘Pick 10’ Versus Gunsmith

While RestlessRhys states their preference for the Gunsmith for its fine-tuning capabilities, No-Speaker-1534 argues that the Gunsmith’s offering is “unrealistic”. The two standing points emphasize the diverse perspectives of the players regarding the CoD customization systems.

Uniqueness in Loadouts

Corresponding to Total_Ad_6708’s comment, the ‘Pick 10′ system further encourages an individualized game experience. There seems to be a general consensus that this personalization leads to a more enjoyable experience as it brings out the players’ unique gaming styles.

On the flip side, someunknownperson11 expressed their dislike for the restrictive feel of the ‘Pick 10’ system. This underscores a shared notion that limiting users might not be the most appealing strategy to all.

So, is ‘Pick 10’ the hero or the villain in the CoD gaming-sphere? Well, whether you’re a ‘Pick 10’ enthusiast or a Gunsmith fanatic, CoD evidently presents a platform for diverse gaming styles. Now, head back to your consoles and let those fingers do the gaming talk! (Just don’t hit the neighbors with a flying controller.)