Call of Duty: Unveiling the Community Sentiment

Exploring the shared experiences and diverse opinions in the world of Call of Duty as gathered from an online gaming community.

The Call of Duty gaming realm recently encountered a wave of passionate discussions, with players sharing their experiences, thoughts, and sentiments by delving into the pros and cons of recent and older editions. The context of this discussion is the post titled ‘[COD] I wholeheartedly believe this.’ by user ChristopherCrawlin.


  • Broad range of sentiments towards different Call of Duty editions, with a notable favoritism towards Black Ops and recent editions.
  • Majority praise the storytelling, immersive campaigns, and excellent settings each edition is known for.
  • Some criticisms focused on the elements of multiplayer maps and matchmaking system in some editions.

Players’ Love for Call of Duty

Among the players, an air of nostalgia is apparent as they relish their experiences playing Call of Duty. Yo_Wats_Good lauds how the game ‘didn’t take itself too seriously’, while DaleDenton08 described it the ‘best campaign since MW 2019’. Despite the varying opinions about different editions, players share a mutual love for the game, highlighting its unique elements of fun, captivating campaigns, and engaging gameplay.

Points of Criticism

Not all roses and sunshine, the Call of Duty games have their moments of shadow. While some like YnotZoidberg2409 found Cold War quite ‘boring’, there are complaints around the game’s matchmaking system, such as from DogHogDJs, who lamented about getting thrown into a match with ‘sweats’ after performing well in a previous match. This shows that while the game scores points for its fun quotient, criticisms around its matching system and some multiplayer maps do create points of annoyance among the community.

Favorites among the Players

Players’ favorites tend to vary across different iterations of the game. AH_Ace tilted more towards Modern Warfare 2019 admitting that it shifted from the other way around. Yet, the consensus seems to be the shared love for the game with moments of disapproval stemming from various personal preferences, throwing light on how each player has a unique lens of viewing the game.

Despite the individual criticisms and praises for different versions, the overall sentiment remains positive. Embracing both the peaks of enjoyment and the pits of frustration adds up to create a rich, engaging, and dynamic gaming experience that players cherish.