Call of Duty Showdown: Which Game to Buy Next for PS5

An assessment of varied player opinions about the best Call of Duty game to buy for PS5.

In the latest Call of Duty subreddit, a sudden surge of diverse opinions spawns from an inquiry posted by one ‘CivilBay’, new to the COD franchise, seeking advice about which installment to get for his shiny new PS5.


  • Many suggested getting MWIII despite mixed reviews
  • Some were dissatisfied with the campaign mode of MWIII
  • Player enjoyment seemed highly dependent on personal preference
  • Gaming experience differed between multiplayer and campaign mode players

Campaign versus Multiplayer

As “meskola” bluntly stated, “Campaign mode in MW3 (2023) is short and boring tbh. But for multiplayer, so good imo.” It appears the divergence of opinion results mainly from the varied interests of the players: some lean towards the storytelling and immersive experience of campaign mode while others relish the unpredictable nature and interactivity of multiplayer.

A Matter of Opinion

“finesse666” and “Sypticle” come to the defense of MWIII, expressing that the game runs well on their PS5 and offers quality graphics, with “Sypticle” going so far as to say, “People are just anti-cod these days.” On a more cautious note, “Captain-SKA-” advised against immediate purchase, waiting for potential fixes in the brand new release.

The Takeaway

“modernknight87” provides an insightful overview, stating there will be hundreds of varying opinions and advises CivilBay to see what personally interests him. Indeed, as with many things in life, the deciding factor seems to be personal preference.

In this ocean of choices, with varied opinions flooding in from all corners, it seems to boil down to one thing: personal preference. Regardless of the reviews or opinions, a game’s true criticism lies in the hands of its wielders. Be it campaign mode or multiplayer, MWII or MWIII, it’s all about what makes you tick. So to all stumped on the next choice, take a page from CivilBay’s playbook and seek out your community. After all, whether you’re a stranger or committed gamer, we all speak one language: the love of the game.