Call of Duty Showdown: MW1 and MW3 Face off in Fans’ Opinions

Is Modern Warfare 1 worth a whirl, or does Modern Warfare 3 take the cake? CoD fans weigh in.

The Christmas bells are ringing and with it comes the pressing question for the ‘Call of Duty’ gaming community: which game delivers the best bang for your buck – ‘MW1’ or ‘MW3’?


  • MW1’s perceived issue with campers continues to act as a deterrent.

  • Several players seem to echo a vote of confidence in favour of MW3, with a notable exception in the case of one die-hard Infinite Warfare enthusiast.

  • The difference in experience between the ‘camping problem’ in MW1 vs the ‘classic feel’ of MW3 seems to be the fulcrum upon which most opinions teeter.

Decoding The Camping Problem

The term ‘camping’ in the CoD universe refers to the strategy where players plant themselves in discreet locations, patiently waiting for ‘unsuspecting victims’. This perceived excessive camping in MW1 seems to be a source of frustration, suggested by the original post.

A Call to Arms for MW3

Users like BaconBro_22, option-13, and Jedstarrr advocate for MW3 unstintingly. They tout it as having fewer campers and, in an almost nostalgic note, feels more like older CoD games.

Caught In The Crossfire

Commenter Sparksaiko prescribes a compromise – enjoy the multiplayer of MW3, dabble a bit in zombies mode, and in the meantime play Warzone until a sale!

The Disagreeing Voice

While this conversation largely globetrotted between the terrains of MW1 and MW3, user mistersardine1, dared to venture into the bold territory of declaring Infinite Warfare as ‘the best COD in history’.

Closing the loop, the discussion lays bare the passions that fuel the CoD community. A verdict? It largely leans in favour of MW3. It makes one ponder – is it the camaraderie of multiplayer mode, the lesser camping menace, or the nostalgia of the ‘older CoD’ feel that’s propelling this preference? A musing best left to the gamers, as they lock and load for their next CoD adventure!