Call of Duty Mastery Challenged: Glitches in Camo Challenges

Dive into our dissection of latest glitch in Call of Duty’s Camo Challenges, its impact and user-handled solutions!

The popular video game, Call of Duty seems to be facing a peculiar issue with its Camo Challenges. A post made by user xTpvi reveals a glitch that has been hindering progress in the game. The bug, as described, appears to be connected to the challenge that requires getting 10 kills in tac stance while moving. The player has executed the task multiple times without any progress being counted, leading to understandable frustration.


  • User experience is affected by game glitch, leading to halt in progress.
  • No attachments or sight issues are responsible for the glitch as the player was running zero.
  • A solution has been suggested by the community, bringing to light the importance of player interaction.

Unexpected Interruption

As players venture on their journey of ‘grinding the camos out and getting the mastery challenges done’, an unexpected glitch throws a wrench in the works. Tasks are completed, but no progress registered. This comment by xTpvi offers insight into the issue.

False Enemies

No, it isn’t a sneaky enemy or a wrong gun causing the trouble. Rather, it is an unforeseen glitch that fails to count progress despite successfully executing the task, opines xTpvi. Players are left circling the same challenge, unable to advance.

Community to the Rescue

Call of Duty’s vibrant online community has yet again proved its worth by stepping up to offer a solution. User TheAdsAreHere suggests using a red dot scope for tac stance to register properly. Well, it seems players have got each other’s backs even amidst gaming glitches.

Winding up, it is evident that this bug has cast a shadow on the Call of Duty experience. Nevertheless, the ability of the community to offer possible workarounds show the incredible camaraderie within this gaming community. Maybe the developers could draw inspiration from the players’ resilience and quick-fix mentality to ensure a smoother gaming experience in the future.