Call of Duty: Hope Springs Eternal for the Next Release Within the Gaming Community

Fans voice hopes, concerns and wish-lists for the much-anticipated new Call of Duty release.

The Call of Duty series has a long history of thrilling fans with its intense gameplay and intricate storylines. This has spawned a sense of optimistic anticipation for the next big release, as exemplified by a post from user Interest_Vegetable.


  • There’s a pervasive sense of optimism within the fan base regarding the next release.
  • Fans have fond nostalgia for the past titles such as mw2 and bo2.
  • There’s an apparent longing for features of past games to return, like sustained banter and consistent lobby systems.
  • Several users express concerns about recurring elements that might affect the quality of the game.

User Responses: Hope Abound

Sharing Interest_Vegetable’s sense of hope, user Lauradagirl says, ‘That’s what we’re all hoping for’. Optimism also rings in Srom’s comment where they express faith in the game makers. They comment, ‘Treyarch has had 3 years to make this game. I hope they can deliver!’ pointing out the developer’s ample time for crafting the game.

Nostalgia for the Past

Fans like TB_725 express an acute sense of nostalgia for past features, specifically highlighting the importance of cohesive lobbies. The user puts forth their wish, ‘Maybe they will bring back lobbies staying together.’ This shared sentiment echoes back to the post’s mention of ‘the good ole days.’

Concerns Voiced

While hopeful sentiments flood the conversation, worries are also foregrounded. Alexspacito lists several elements they hope the developers will remove, stating, ‘There won’t be another good game until they remove: Gunsmith, SBMM/EOMM, Disbanding lobbies, Seasonal system, Ties to Warzone.’ Their comment amplifies collective concerns about too many changes hindering potential success.

As we zoom out, it’s clear that the Call of Duty community is abuzz with bated breath for the upcoming title. Whether filled with hope, tinted with nostalgia, or edged with concerns, the anticipation is palpable, and all eyes are on the next chapter of this hallowed series.