Call of Duty Conundrum: Are Modern Warfare and Black Ops Sharing the Same Universe?

Find out more about the universe in which COD’s Modern Warfare and Black Ops series operate. We delve deep for all of the geeky details!

A Reddit user named Parabellum_3 recently raised an intriguing question concerning the popular video game franchise Call of Duty. Specifically, are the events of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series set in the same universe or are they split up into separate timelines?


  • COD fans express differing viewpoints when it comes to the timeline and overarching universe of the series.
  • Some users believe that Modern Warfare and Black Ops exist in disparate timelines, each with unique narratives and characters.
  • Others argue that the games share a single universe, based on certain in-game references and developer comments.

User Feedback

Huntsmanbravo provided an elaborate breakdown of the COD timelines, suggesting several main timelines for different games, including Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and others like Ghosts, AW, and IW. According to Huntsmanbravo, ‘each game series includes chronologically independent storylines’.

mlee117379 also noted an interesting point, suggesting that if both series were connected, scriptwriters would have chosen to reference previous villains in later games. He writes, ‘Early in BO2’s campaign, Raul Menendez is called “the most dangerous terrorist since Osama Bin Laden.” If the two trilogies were meant to be connected they would’ve said “the most dangerous terrorist since Vladimir Makarov” instead.’

Theories and Speculations

Material-Salary-6857 offered a detailed summary of the New Canon timeline and the old MW timeline. The user wrote ‘The COD Timelines from my understanding…’ and proceeded to list each game in order of their respective timelines.

CumSurfing pointed out inconsistencies in cross-references, such as character cameos and age discrepancies, concluding that these references were more likely Easter eggs than indications of a shared universe. But user Modernmarrowman made a contrary claim that the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series indeed share a universe.

Divergent Views

The comments section was a veritable battlefield of divergent views, theories, and timeline breakdowns. Each post further stirred up the swirling vortex of conjecture. But the lively discussion emphasizes how invested the COD community is in deepening their understanding of the game’s lore. It was an illuminating microcosm of the engrossing debates that continue to happen, proving that the Call of Duty saga’s intricate plotlines continue to fascinate fans around the globe.

Above and Beyond

So, if you ever find yourself wondering whether Ghost makes a cameo in Black Ops or if the events of Modern Warfare caused ripples in the Black Ops universe, you’re clearly not alone. It seems this debate is destined to continue until definitive answers are given by the game developers. Until then, COD players will continue to unravel the mysteries of the series, one game at a time. And remember, don’t ever stop gaming—it’s a wild universe out there!