Call of Duty Community Rates: A Deep Dive into the Campaigned COD Universe

We explore community’s sentiments around COD as we dig into a lively debate on the subreddit around the tier list.

The world of Call of Duty (COD) has a myriad of elements, from its celebrated campaigns to the fast-paced multiplayer. Recently, a post by a user, ‘DelayedYT’, opened up an animated discussion on these elements – particularly around COD’s campaigns – on a tier-based rating system.


  • Users disagreed on CODs ranking, revealing diverse preferences.
  • Earlier CODs were overlooked, sparking nostalgia and rebuttals.
  • Understanding emerged that these rankings were campaign-based, not multiplayer.

Top Reactions

In reaction to these rankings, many users threw in their two cents, giving the discussion a colorful mix of opinions. User ‘Jaybeltran805‘ advocated fiercely for BO3, remarking, “Whoever puts BO3 in anything other than S Tier is tripping!!” indicating their fondness for this iteration.

Moving on to a rather more nostalgic tone, ‘Lokeycommie‘ claimed, “If you haven’t played the first four CODs then your opinion about the rest of the series is irrelevant.” clearly suggesting a special place in their heart for the earlier versions of COD.

Debatably Unrated

As the discussion moved on, a debate sparked among the users regarding what criteria the list was based on. This was evident when ‘NoExcuse3655‘ questioned, “What is the list based on lol? Bc if it’s campaigns then BO3 being in D makes sense, but IW being in F doesn’t. But if it’s multiplayer, IW being in F makes sense but BO3 in D doesn’t.” Highlighting the complexity of rating games that have multiple facets.

Behind the List

Finally, DelayedYT clarified that the list was mainly based on campaigns, not multiplayer, revealing, “Just to let you know, this list is mainly based on campaigns, not multiplayer. I realise MWIII is a bit high but although the campaign was extremely short and not too I quite enjoyed it and the multiplayer is spectacular.” This revelation further sparked discussions and brought a new angle of looking at the rankings.

All in all, this discussion proved that the COD realm is filled with diverse preferences and opinions, as shown by the heated debate around this tier-based ranking. Whether it’s the nostalgia-induced love for earlier CODs or the hot debates over the most recent games, the COD community is as diverse and action-packed as the game itself.