Bring Back the Boom: Players’ Cry for ‘Demolition’ in Call of Duty

This article explores Call of Duty fans’ nostalgia for the ‘Demolition’ game mode and their hopes for its return.

In the world of Call of Duty, just as in any dynamic, competitive atmosphere, certain elements are bound to carry more weight than others. Recently, a noticeable call for the reintroduction of the ‘Demolition’ game mode was raised by the users.


  • High sentiment among players for the Demolition game mode, signaling robust community backing.
  • Several players sharing fond memories connected to Demolition, emphasizing a combination of nostalgia and gameplay appeal.
  • Offbeat game modes like Prop Hunt and Patrol also received mentions, indicating a need for diverse game-play experiences.

Nostalgia and Gameplay

The Demolition mode, last seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, was remembered fondly for its unique blend of objective-based S&D style play with respawns and no spawn flips. One user nostalgically mentioned another game mode, Sabotage, sparking discussions about other beloved but discontinued features.

Feeling the Demolition Itch

Multiple users reaffirmed the popularity of Demolition, with one even finding a similar appeal in the Control game mode. Memories of B bomb in the garage of Nuketown – a claustrophobic cluster of wall bangs and grenades – were shared by another player, encapsulating the chaotic fun that was Demolition.

Future of Demolition

While some players continue to miss Demolition, others are already eyeing a potential return of the game mode. One user mentioned Sledgehammer’s mention of Demolition in their AMA. A player reminisced about his experience with Demolition in COD4 remastered and how it was the most fun they ever had in a COD game.

Through all the sentiments and shared experiences, players’ love for Demolition in Call of Duty remains apparent. Whether or not the developers heed this call for nostalgic game modes, fan discussions like these act as a reminder that it’s the community that adds spirit to the game. Here’s hoping that these beloved elements make a return, adding another layer of enjoyment to an already thrilling gaming experience.