Brick Concerns Brewing in Fortnite Universe! Unpacking an Epic Issue

Fortnite players encounter perplexing brick glitch. An odyssey of user tips, insights, and hilarious banter ensues.

Here’s the scoop, the juice, the spicy intel – Fortnite, a pixel paradise for many, has been hit with a brick conundrum. Paxtel_de_Vento is wondering what’s going wrong with the brick elements in the game.


  • Player observes that the brick textures in Fortnite have turned haywire.
  • While problems persist in Performance mode, switching it off results in game crash or a significant FPS drop for some.
  • Community members suggest several workarounds including tweaking the view distance and meshes to ‘Epic’.

Demystifying the ‘Cursed’ Bricks

According to ShadowWolfTrap_Real, these mysterious ‘cursed bricks’ have been wreaking havoc in Performance mode. However, switching off Performance mode has its own drawbacks, as the player laments about game crashes and a horrendous drop in frames per second.

Automated Wisdom

In the midst of this, AutoModerator nonchalantly asks for bug reporting details, much to the amusement of the already frantic players. It rattles off a list of questions that would make any detective proud, but whether this will lead to a solution, only time or Epic Games will tell!

The Workaround Corner

The community looks out for each other though! Mega_Sylveon_Ch chimes in with a sage advice – change the view distance and meshes to epic. But why stop there? Controller crusader Lexicon444 suggests turning off performance mode, while Mission-Holiday9458 roots for cranking up the viewing distance. So many solutions, just one predicament.

Remember pals, until Epic Games decides to wield their coding wands, these user tips might just be our saving grace. Isn’t community spirit just fantastic? It’s not just about frags and flossing here at Fortnite. We learn, we share, we laugh, and together, we tackle any mischievous brick (or lack thereof) that stands in our way!