Breaking Down The New Roster of Counter-Strike’s ENCE: Unconventional But Exciting?

An unexpected configuration, the latest ENCE roster sparks diverse opinions among gaming enthusiasts. Dive in!

The realm of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is never dull, and this truth stands particularly affirmed with the announcement of the new ENCE roster. Gaming enthusiasts around the globe are pitching in with their two cents, making for quite an interesting conversation.


  • Unexpected confluence of 4 Polish players, a coach and analyst communicating in English.
  • Repercussions on Glaive’s career and the potential introduction of a Polish IGL.
  • Dycha’s return to the Polish scene, albeit indirectly.
  • Possibility that 9INE’s core tournament spots influenced this move.

The Unexpected Configuration

The new roster, as commented by ‘Firefox72’, is an unusual blend of Polish players and English-speaking coach and analyst. The Danish IGL must also navigate the language barrier. This sparks questions about the team’s potential performance and synergy.


‘Kyrmyoja’ brings up the point about the possibility of Glaive leaving the scene and mate the introduction of a Polish IGL. It makes you wonder whether this employment of different languages could bring along an unwanted suite of complications.

Dycha’s Return to the Polish Scene

‘Hasbeensimmons’ points out Dycha’s unexpected return to the Polish scene. It is amusing how the Polish scene found its way back to Dycha, not the other way around.

9INE’s Influence?

‘Afteri’ suggests that the reshuffle might be a business maneuver pertaining to 9INE’s core tournament spots. If so, this move could be more entwined with strategic gaming politics than meets the eye.

So, whether this new and unexpected roster turns out to be a game-changer (pun intended) for ENCE, only time will tell. One thing is for sure; the fans are watching, and they cannot wait to see how the ensemble cast performs in the arena. Game on!