Bargain or Bust? Gamers Weigh in on Call of Duty: MW3 Sale

Fans are buzzing over a MW3 sale. Check out their thoughts and whether it’s worth your bucks.

In an interesting online forum discussion, ‘heylookitsconnor’ posted their thoughts about the recently discounted Call of Duty: MW3, asking if it’s really worth the investment now. Preferring multiplayer and zombie modes on their PS5, they evoke a valuable conversation among fellow gamers.


  • The community perspective about MW3 is polarized.
  • Most of those who enjoyed MW3 are casual players.
  • Zombies mode seems to be a crucial selling point.
  • Those who are disappointed with MW3 discuss feeling uninspired or just not having fun.

The Positive Spin

Fans such as ‘ZiGz_125’ argue that any criticisms stem from players being ‘ass at the game’. Whereas, ‘kratomburneraccount’ confidently stated, they ‘don’t regret it’ and even assert that it’s one of the best CoDs they’ve played. By the same token, ‘Jedstarrr’ even bought two full price copies and had no regrets about the price.

The Zombie Factor

‘SensitiveSharkk’ chimes in about the fun they’re having with the multiplayer mode and appreciates the Zombies mode, while ‘Altruistic_Art324’ points out that Zombies is, in fact, awesome (although they haven’t played it themselves).

The Critics

On the other side, ‘DrinkAffectionate323’ hinted at a hidden reason behind the heavy discount. A more impassioned disapproval comes from ‘Amdiz’, who has been playing CoD for 20 years and ‘just not having fun’ with this latest installment, criticizing both the gameplay and the zombies mode.

Finishing up, gamers’ views on Call of Duty: MW3 are split and provide a buffet of insights for someone making a buying decision. So, dear reader, is it bargain or bust? Only you can be the judge of that.