Astonishing Rankings Revealed: The Best Counter-Strike Players of 2023

Dive into the world of pro Counter-Strike gameplay. Be baffled by the top players of 2023 and their stunning performances.

The online community has been abuzz with chatter after the revelation of the top Counter-Strike players of 2023. There’s widespread interest, triggered anticipation, and a pinch of surprise thrown into the mix. At the heart of it all? Who’s on top, who’s not, and why.


  • Unexpectedly, powerhouse players like device, blameF, kscerato, and s1mple didn’t cut the mustard (Michnas).
  • Impressively, Zywoo takes the lead with a staggering 1.30 rating, well ahead of the 1.16 – 1.19 range of the top 10 to 2 players (vegt121).
  • A few notable absences include moe_tv and jks ( acels1, Powerful-Answer-2030) and according to lou_reed_ketamine, it seems we’re inhabiting Zywoo’s world now!

Unexpected Underperformers

Just like a game of Counter-Strike, the leaderboards have some unexpected twists. Michnas pointed out the surprisingly lackluster performance of well-known players like device, blameF, kscerato and s1mple (source). Similarly, Cerbeh expressed doubt over BlameF and Device’s relevance given the limited number of times they made playoffs in tier 1 events (source).

Overachieving Champions

Zywoo seems to have reached super-human levels of gameplay, with a score that’s off the charts. According to vegt121, Zywoo scored an impressive 1.30 rating, cleaning the floor with all other top-10 players, quite a bit ahead of the typical 1.16 – 1.19 range (source). Feels like 2018 all over again with s1mple, doesn’t it Not_too_dumb (source)?

The Absent Contenders

Shockingly, jks and moe_tv were not on the list this year, leaving fans like acels1 and Powerful-Answer-2030 wondering about these glaring omissions (source, source). In a world dominated by Zywoo, as stated by lou_reed_ketamine (source), even the energy brought on by potential game-changers such as kscerato has Wizzr0be rushing for heartburn medication (source).

So there you have it! The world of Counter-Strike never fails at surprising us. Here’s looking at the game stats, and hoping that next year’s rankings bring more surprises, triumphs, and unforgettable plays. Go, gamers, go!