Are Fortnite Lobbies Filled with Bots? A Candid Serendipity of a 31-Kill Crown Victory

An analysis of the anecdote of a Fortnite player who scored an unusual 31-Kill Crown win. Are the lobbies now filled mostly with bots?

In the ever-changing landscape of Fortnite, one player made a surprising achievement, scoring a significant 31 kill victory. Biggummss, the in-game hero, mused over the uncanny ease of this match, and he posed an interesting question: are Fortnite lobbies being increasingly filled with bots?


  • Player experiences an unusual 31-kill victory, questioning the integrity of the lobby.
  • Community suggestions largely attribute this to an increased percentage of bots due to new or low-skilled players.
  • Counterarguments present, questioning the concept of Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM).
  • Consideration of Epic Games’ potential motives for bot-laden lobbies.

The Bots Conjecture

Many community members such as Medical_Pineapple232 and xzoremx opined that this could be because of an increased bot-count in lobbies catering to new or low-skilled players. Even Biggummss himself conjectured, ‘Are most lobbies just filled with a bunch of AI?’

The SBMM Theorem

But others associated this bot-surge to Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM); _Hideyourwife_ was quite elaborate on this theory. They suggest SBMM is more significant than season-level when considering bot count, arguing lobbies with less skilled players contain a higher percentage of bots. Their argument raises some intriguing points: does Epic Games purposely infuse bot-populated games to prevent a string of losses and keep players engaged?

The Counterargument and a Touch of Humor

Meanwhile, AfnanAli12 countered the bot hypothesis with their sweat-soaked experience, amusingly opining that such ‘sweats need to touch the grass’. However, Lenn_7 lauded Biggumss’ achievement despite the bot-factor, acknowledging the challenge in scoring such high kills.

The EOMM Hypothesis

Last but not least was the theory of engagement optimized matchmaking (EOMM), introduced by xROB24601x. They put forward the curious inquiry if this unusual win could be due to Biggummss making an in-game purchase recently, signalling the possibility that the matchmaking could be manipulated to make a player feel rewarded after spending money.

So, it seems that Fortnite’s bot conundrum has left the gaming community musing. Whether Biggummss’ incredible 31-kill victory was due to an overabundance of bots, the SBMM algorithm, or possibly manipulative EOMM tactics remains to be seen. One things’s certain – Fortnite’s shifting landscape makes for an exciting and endlessly debatable terrain where every win can spark a lively discussion. You never know what the next game drop might hold, but isn’t that half the fun of Fortnite?