An Unexpected Twist: Counter-Strike’s Vertigo Climbs to Popularity

Vertigo hits the third spot in CS:GO Premier’s most popular maps, despite mixed sentiments among gamers.

In the competitive world of Counter-Strike, it’s not just about the player skills, it’s also about the maps they play on. Their popularity speaks volumes about the preferences and strategies of the players. Surprising some, Vertigo has emerged as the 3rd most popular map in Premier.


  • There is a significant shift in map popularity, with traditional favorites losing ground.
  • The arrival of Vertigo at third spot indicates player adaptation to newer gaming experiences.
  • A decline in map monopoly is enabling a more diverse, competitive landscape.

Emergence of Vertigo

Despite some players’ reservation about Vertigo, its escalated position reflects an evolving trend in CS:GO. As ‘leetify’ puts it, Vertigo’s ascension, despite the negative opinions, signals a change in player strategy and adaptability.

The Bride’s Maid, Not the Bride

Sad news for APurpleTRex and his favorite Anubis, being stuck at 8% popularity. Anubis worship seems to have lost its appeal in the CS:GO landscape, relegated as he is to the sad corner of single-digit popularity.

Old is Gold But Boring?

As mentioned by epirot and ItsZimpy, mirage, the old warhorse, has run its race and needs to be retired. Sometimes, familiarity breeds boredom and who likes a boring mirage anyway?

In context of the final analysis, the takeaway isn’t a list of map rankings, but rather, the dynamics of change within the CS:GO realm. Vertigo, despite its ‘vertiginous’ highs and lows in the player sentiment spectrum, seems to have carved a niche in this competitive space. The reduced monopoly of previously popular maps like Mirage also indicates a shift towards a more diverse, balanced and thrilling game environment, one where the underdogs eventually have their day in the sun. The gaming landscape, much like in life, is always spinning, evolving and surprising us all – much like a vertigo.