An Outcry From Fortnite Players: ‘Let Us Use Them in BR, Please!’

Fortnite community voices a new idea for Battle Royale mode, sparking enthusiastic responses.

Recently, avid Fortnite player ‘Chihuahua_UEFN’ brought up a suggestion that has since stirred up the Fortnite gaming community. This proactive user’s post titled ‘Let us use them in BR please,’ has quickly caught the attention of multitude fellow gamers, sparking a lively thread of enthusiastic responses.


  • The proposed idea received overwhelmingly positive feedback.
  • Many gamers expressed genuine surprise about, why they hadn’t thought of this brilliant suggestion before.
  • The concept links current Fortnite modes in new, exciting ways.

Player Reactions

That’s an amazing idea,’ praised ‘ChanceAstronomer5778’ in response to Chihuahua_UEFN’s intriguing idea. It’s a sentiment that was echoed by several other users like ‘WeaverStarX’ who chimed in with, ‘Oh that’s a cool idea! Yes please.’ The resonance was real, with ‘Neon-Plural’ and ‘lobster4089’ joining in on the chorus of approval.

Creative Perspectives

But the conversation was not all cheers, one gamer, ‘Blickychu’ wisely notes, ‘They probably dont want it associated with the battle royale stuff since they had such a heavy push to make things rated E.’ It hints at potential obstacles in implementing the proposed idea. Other commentators started to question if there were extra styles in explorer Emilie, adding to the buzz.

Gaming Impact

This lively discussion leads us to think about the communal aspects of gaming and the impact that a single suggestion can have on an entire gaming community. It also sheds light on how games like Fortnite can evolve and innovate through input from its engaged player base.

Regardless of the final decision, one thing’s certain – Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has been a hot topic of conversation. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Chihuahua_UEFN’s revolutionary idea implemented in the future. At the very least, it’s a real hoot to see the gaming community rally behind an idea. This interaction shows the beauty of communities and games – coming together to brainstorm, conversing, and laughing together.