An Insight into Warzone’s Competitive Nature: A Reaction to ‘Warzone is a Joke’

Reactions and interpretations of a strongly worded subreddit post about the competitive nature of Warzone, the popular video game.

Popular shooter game ‘Warzone’ is under the spotlight again, thanks to a passionate post by Responsible_Cat_3980, revolving around the intense competition in the game’s lobbies.


  • Original poster bemoans the competitive nature of Warzone
  • Commenters have strong reactions, ranging from agreement to outright denial
  • Some highlight the game’s mechanics, while others take it personally and share experiences.

A Mixed Bag of Public Opinion

Commenters in the thread displayed an array of responses. Pearlyachting’s response was a mere three words, ‘Its E O M M pal’, referring to the skill-rating and matchmaking system in the game. Others like Notbeckket suggested to ‘Try trios’, a more casual game mode, in an attempt to offer practical advice.

The Competing Lifestyle

Some commenters rather enthusiastically refuted the hopelessness expressed by Responsible_Cat_3980. Guilty-Local-1637 publicly claimed to both have a wife and a demanding job while maintaining a 2+ KD record. In stark contrast to Responsible_Cat_3980’s perspective, they see playing and grinding Warzone as viable alongside a 40-hour work week.

The Bigger Picture

Finally, some commenters tackled the bigger philosophical issues behind the competition. Sha-Mane noted, with a hint of humor, that Responsible_Cat_3980 might not even be in sweaty lobbies. This perspective suggests a grander misunderstanding where players may not fully comprehend the skill-level of their competitors.

The entire discussion serves to highlight the wide spectrum of player experiences and attitudes regarding competition in the Warzone community, a testament to the game’s depth and reach. Regardless of the disagreements, it is clear the game has sparked a passionate conversation. At the end of the day, whether the lobbies are beyond sweaty, or teeming with virgins, it seems Warzone is doing what video games are meant to do – to stir emotions, engender passion and offer up a space for engaging, heart-racing fun and frustration.